CareerStaff Managed services

Develop flexible labor solutions:

Our Managed Services solutions will help you develop a more nimble, cost-effective, and robust clinical labor pool – flexible and scalable to align with your shifting clinical need and global talent strategy.

CSU Managed services

Our Approach

As healthcare delivery and reimbursement continue to change, providers are tasked with developing efficiencies in many areas including clinical labor management. Healthcare organizations of all sizes are working to improve staffing efficiency, reduce overall external labor costs, and reduce risk.

CSU Managed Services can help provide highly customizable solutions that will help you accomplish each one of your strategic goals. Your CSU MSP Account Team will partner with you to implement best practices that align with your global management objectives. After successful implementation, the key deliverables are reduced administrative costs, greater efficiency, improved compliance and risk management, and greater program visibility through automation. While your needs may be complex, our approach is pretty simple.


  • We understand that while we service over 3,000 customers nationwide, each client’s challenges are unique.
  • Dialog will be a staple of success throughout our partnership, with the initial discussions being critical to understanding your specific needs.


  • We want to understand how workforce management strategy impacts your broader organizational goals.
  • Productive dialog will help us understand the internal and external hurdles to obtaining optimal efficiency.


  • There are no solutions in a box. Today’s workforce challenges in healthcare are too complex.
  • Together we will craft the perfect solution based on your organizational needs while leveraging industry best practices.


  • The result is an end-to-end solution that provides process efficiency from “req to check”.
  • Dedicated account managers will establish milestones and benchmarks to deliver transparent measurements every step of the way.


Our goal is simple: Unify your critical objectives into a measurable strategy that delivers business impact.

CareerStaff Managed Services If you would like discuss your contingency workforce management solutions with one of our advisors, please call us at 800-540-2306 or click here to enter your information and one of our Workforce Solutions Advisors will follow up shortly.