CareerStaff Managed services

Develop flexible labor solutions:

Our Managed Services solutions will help you develop a more nimble, cost effective, and robust clinical labor pool – flexible and scalable to align with your shifting clinical need and global talent strategy.

CareerStaff Managed Services

Workforce Solutions

Our workforce solutions advisors understand the aggregate pressures in an evolving healthcare environment and aim to craft a partnership based on the tenets of strong communication and a data driven approach. CSU Managed Services will help you develop a program that aligns your talent management processes with your overall business objectives.

CSU can help you address your day to day staffing challenges while developing long term strategies to postively impact the quality of staff procured, increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Managed Services Solutions

After the discovery process, a dedicated team of workforce solutions advisors and business-line experts will craft a program that addresses each of your stated goals. Leveraging industry best practices, intuitive automation, and collaborative account management, we will assist you in the architecture of a program that impacts business outcomes.

VMS Implementation

We will implement a web-based vendor management system (VMS) that will automate the procurement of staff, compliance management, invoicing and reporting. It will provide the technology needed to streamline a holistic talent management program that tracks all processes from initial “req to check.” Total vendor management inclusive of sourcing, selection, rate negotiation and monthly invoicing are just some of our core deliverables.

Managed Services Solutions

IC Compliance/Payroll Services

The compliance evaluation is quick, easy, and free when we payroll your contingent workers through one of our engagement services. Once the evaluation is completed, we will create a compliance file for each contingent worker and recommend the most appropriate engagement solution for them. CSU Managed Services builds your defense against worker misclassification while providing unparalleled service to your contingent workforce.

Employer of Record Service

We convert your non-compliant contingent workers to warranted W-2 employees. As the employer of record, we contract the W-2 employee to your business under the terms of a standard work-for-hire contract, providing assured compliance for the duration of their engagement on your project.

IC Compliance
Payroll Services

Integrated Talent Solutions

Maximizing your workforce starts with having visibility and insight into every form of talent that enters your facility. CSU Managed Services provides a holistic approach to workforce planning and total talent acquisition and management. We call it an Integrated Talent Strategy. Armed with real-time data, we can help you maximize the labor supply chain for optimal efficiency and resource utilization.

Integrated Talent Solutions